Deciphering common paper roll terms

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People use a lot of different words to describe the type of products they are looking for. Below is a list of these terms and what they will most likely mean:

Thermal Roll - A thermal roll is a type of roll that creates an image through heat and must be used in conjunction with a thermal printer.

Bond Roll - A bond roll is a type of roll that requires the use of a ribbon to create an image. The ribbon is an ink.

POS (point of sale) roll - A POS roll is a roll that is used in a point of sale system. Generally these will be 80x80.

Receipt roll - This could mean a number of things however likely refers to a tax receipt printed from a point of sale system, which would be an 80x80 thermal roll. Note: you can also have an eftpos receipt.

Till roll - Till rolls will generally be an 80x80 thermal roll used in a businesses POS system however can also refer to a type of roll (either thermal or bond) used in a businesses cash register

Eftpos roll - An eftpos roll will always be a thermal roll. They are all 57mm wide and vary in diameter size depending on the type of terminal that the roll is being used in.

Kitchen rolls - Kitchen rolls will generally be multiple ply rolls. And generally will be a 76x76mm roll.

Multi ply roll - These are rolls that have multiple layers. 2 ply will generally have a white and yellow layer while 3 ply will have white yellow and pink. These are most commonly used in kitchen printers.

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