What is the difference between compatible and genuine inks and toners?

Compatible ink and toner cartridges are non-genuine cartridges manufactured by third parties to fit the genuine printers by Brother, Canon, Epson etc. You can shop with confidence knowing that all our compatible cartridges are certified to the highest standard and come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Will using a compatible cartridge affect my printer warranty?

Some printer manufacturers try and tell you that they will not enforce the warranty if a third party cartridge has been used. This is against NZ law. according to the NZ Commerce Act 1986 and the Fair Trading Act 1986, it is illegal for a manufacturer to require that a consumer purchase a particular brand of supply. The warranty will only be void if the cartridge was the cause of fault. In this unlikely outcome, our own warranty will cover you.

What does OEM stand for?

OEM stands for "Original Equipment Manufacture". Basically this means that they are made by the same company that manufactured the printer. These are genuine cartridges.

Why are there sometime multiple different cartridges that fit my printer?

Often manufacturers will make multiple cartridges to fit the same printer that have different yields. For example a printer may have a standard yield cartridge, a high yield cartridge and a XL yield cartridge. The choice depends on how much printing you plan to do with that cartridge.



When can I expect my order to be shipped?

We process and ship orders Monday – Friday. Most orders received before 3:30pm will ship the same day however we aim to have orders shipped within 24-48 business hours. If, for whatever reason, we are unable to fulfil that time frame, we will contact you to notify the expected shipping time.

What if you don’t have my product listed on your website?

Though we aim to have a comprehensive list of all products we provide on our website, in some cases we may have products that are not displayed online. In those cases, please contact us via email, contact form or phone and we will be happy to help.

What methods of payment are available?

Generally most orders are paid for by Credit Card. However, we also accept bank transfers. There is an option to order on account with an approved credit application.

How do I place an order?

We have an online shop for your convenience. However, we also can take orders over the phone or alternatively, email at orders@trdnz.co.nz.


Paper Rolls

What roll does my terminal take?

Click here for a comprehensive list of terminal and printer rolls sizes

What is a thermal roll?

Thermal paper is a type of specialist paper that is coated with a chemical that reacts and changes colour when exposed to heat. It is most commonly used in Eftpos and point of sale terminals however has become more common in cash registers also. Thermal rolls should have a smooth finish and be slightly glossy.

What is a bond roll?

A bond roll is the other main type of roll that we use in retail and hospitality. Unlike thermal paper, a bond roll is much similar to normal paper. It will have a slightly rougher finish than the bond roll. Instead of using heat to produce an image it uses ink (ribbons).

What other types of rolls are there?

Often businesses need to print out more than one copy of a record, and in those circumstances the best product would be a multiple ply roll. 2 ply is the most common however you can also get 3 ply rolls. These work in a similar way to bond rolls, in combination with printer ribbons. 

What is the best roll to use?

There isn’t really a best roll to use as your activity will generally dictate what roll you should use. All Eftpos terminals take thermal rolls, as well as most point of sale printers. These are best for any retail or hospitality application as they are quick and accurate. However, many cash registers still take bond rolls and ribbons. Multi ply rolls are most commonly used in places like kitchen printers, where multiple copies of a receipt is required.

How do you measure a roll?

A roll description contains 2 measurements. The first is the width of the roll. These are relatively standard across all Eftpos terminals to be 57mm while in point of sale rolls can be up to 80mm. The second measurement is the diameter of the roll. Depending on your terminal or printer type, this will be the determinant of the size you buy.

What is BPA?

BPA (Bisphenol A) is an organic compound that is used to make certain plastics. BPA is used in a variety of consumer goods, and also used in the manufacturing of thermal paper. Recently, governments around the world have questioned the safety of BPA products. We can supply BPA free versions of our products. Please contact us if you would like BPA free products