DIfference between thermal and bond rolls

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Many people get confused as to what paper rolls they need for their printer. The main 2 types that you will see are thermal rolls and bond rolls. The difference between these 2 types of rolls is the way in which they create the image. Thermal rolls require no ink to create an image. The printers use heat to produce the desired image/text on the roll. For that reason thermal rolls are very sensitive to heat and friction. Bond /2 ply rolls use ribbons. Ribbons, in short, provide the ink to print on the roll. These rolls are much more like normal paper. 

MIt can be quite difficult to tell the type of products apart if you are not sure what you are looking for. Thermal rolls are often described as having a "glossy" appearance. They also mark very easily as they are sensitive to heat/friction. To test whether a roll is thermal, run a finger nail along the surface. If they are thermal rolls it will leave a grey line.

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Can you use regular adding tape in a thermal adding machine?

Posted by Jeri Alderson on July 19, 2018

Can thermal paper be used on any cash register?

Posted by Dan Maple on March 09, 2018

Is thermal paper good for small adding machine???

Posted by Barbara on August 23, 2016

Bond paper need to use ribbon to print, thermal paper no need, you can find more info on http://greatshinepaper.com. and For cash register machines, you need to check your machines firstly before buying rolls.

Posted by Greatshine Paper on June 21, 2016

can i use bond rolls for cash register towar machine..cash reister rolls for towar machine

Posted by manora on June 02, 2016

kindly clarify the diff btween roll bonding & integrally bonding

Posted by vichu on May 21, 2016


I just want to ask are you referring to same product of what this site offers? http://www.pandapaperroll.com/. Please let me know because me too get confused!

Posted by Debbie on December 20, 2014

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