It is important to buy good quality rolls!

Posted on July 01, 2013 | Posted under bond, eftpos, high quality, point of sale, rolls, thermal | 0 Comments

We often get asked – “How can your rolls be any different? A paper roll is a paper roll”. And yes that is partly true. But often one thing that purchasers do not consider is that those cheap thermal or bond rolls could actually be doing damage to their printers.

The more abrasive a roll is the more likely the potential damage it could do. That is why we always ensure we only use the highest quality eftpos and till rolls. We had a client recently who came to us that had been importing rolls from Asia to use. These cheap rolls they had been importing had been damaging their printers and they had to replace the printer heads every 3 months! Luckily, we were able to provide them with high quality point of sale rolls that will not damage their printers. Though they were able to import those rolls quite cheaply, it ended up costing them far more.

So to those who have continuing issues with your till printers or any other – you may want to have a look at you roll purchases.  

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