Cartridge Yields 101 - What page yields mean

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Cartridge yields are a way of calculating how many pages, on average, will be printed per cartridge, and then also how much each page costs to print. This same principle applies for ink cartridges for inkjet printers and toner cartridges for laser printers.


Generally, yield is expressed as a number of pages and often is accompanied by a reference saying at 5% coverage. So what does this mean.. 5% is used as an average as the sort of coverage you would expect when printing a page of text. But it is worth keeping in mind that if you are printing things like photos, there will be far greater coverage than 5% and for that reason you are likely to print a lot less pages per cartridge


The other occasion when the word yield tends to get used is in the description of different types of cartridges. So for example a cartridge might have a standard version, a high yield version and an extra high yield version. The theory behind this is to give high volume print users a more cost effective cartridge than one meant for low volume print users. Selecting the right cartridge for your needs is entirely based on your printing habits. If you feel that you are having to replace your cartridge frequently you could consider a higher yield cartridge.


It is always great to compare the cartridges before purchasing so it can be worth working out what the price per page is for each cartridge. To do this you take the price and divide it by the yield. As an example a $40 cartridge which had a 500 page yield would have a price per page of $0.08. 


If you have any further questions on what cartridge might be best for your printing needs, we would be more than happy to help.


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