Epson staying focused with Inkjet Printers

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An interesting article was published in the Wall Street Journal today in regards to Epson's future prospects. While a lot of the big printer brands are ramping up investment in the up and coming 3D printer market, Epson believes that there is still a large amount of value to be found in the inkjet market. 


So much so that they are banking on a new range of their inkjet printers to rival the speed and print quality of other major brands laser printers, opening up the small business market as a potential opportunity for them. Previously this market has been dominated by laser printers due to inkjet printer sluggish speed.


It is interesting to see Epson refocus on their core printing business after exploring other potential opportunities to no avail. The release of these new printers bring another option for small to medium sized businesses looking for printer solutions.

1 Comment

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