Importance of thermal paper

Posted on May 08, 2014 | Posted under bond, New Zealand, paper, ribbon, thermal | 0 Comments

In a recent trip to Asia I was faced with an experience that we don’t tend to encounter in New Zealand and other western countries anymore. There was along queue which seemed to be taking forever to move through and it wasn’t until i got to the front that I realised what the issue actually was. The point of sale receipt printer was an old paper roll and ribbon setup. In New Zealand. thermal printers now dominate the point of sale area and you can understand why. Not only are thermal printer quick and efficient but they also provide a crisp clear image that this old ribbon printer afield to do. It is interesting to see how something as simple as thermal paper has revolutionised the way and speed in which we can now checkout with. 

Though it might not seem it, thermal paper has become an important addition to any quality point of sale setup.

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